Release Schedule - 2023 MTCF Publications

The following is the tentative release schedule for the 2023 MTCF publications.

At-a-Glance, SHSP Action Team Trend Tables, and Historical Perspective Now Available
County Profiles, MDOT Region Profiles, Traffic Safety Network Profiles, Commercial Motor Vehicles Profile, Michigan State Police District Profiles, Michigan State Police Post Profiles, Quick Facts, Crash Density Maps, and Fact Sheets Available in July
Deer, Crash, Alcohol/Drug, Occupant/Person, Age, Heavy Truck, Red Light Running, and Vehicle/Driver sections for the Statewide and Upper Peninsula volumes Available in August
Historical 1-Year, 5-Year, 10-Year, and Multi-Year sections for the Statewide and Upper Peninsula volumes, Traffic Crash Summary, Age, Deer, Alcohol, and County Ranking sections for the County/Community volume Available in September
Complete County/Community, Statewide, and Upper Peninsula documents Available in September