Query Tool Changes and Improvements

September 2019

  • 2018 VMT rates available on County Maps output
  • Added ability to embed a unique Query Tool output to a 3rd-party website; available for Table, Chart and Crash Map Outputs
  • Added support for shape borders of city, township and smaller regional geographic selections covering majority of the state

August 2019

  • Added quick link to jump to Crash Map marker from List output
  • Added series filter option to Bar Chart output (including views for Side by Side and Stacked)

July 2019

  • 2018 licensed driver rates available on County Maps output

May 2019

  • Crash data from 2018 now available

March 2019

  • Improved export options in Table output including new PDF export
  • Added image export option in County Map output
  • Added county borders on Crash Map output for county based queries

February 2019

  • Updated Crash Map output layout and enhanced dynamic heatmap grid
  • Crashes in Crash Map output can restrict map category markers to one or more selections
  • Added new Road Segment heatmap view in Crash Map output
  • Added additional queries under multiple sections of the Simple Queries tool

December 2018

  • Updated Intersection selection to use Framework roadways for improved accuracy
  • Improved Map Area selection tool - including new Circular Area selection
  • Improved accuracy of "Crashes Near Me"
  • Added visual aids in Crash Map output for queries using Intersection, Map Area, or "Crashes Near Me"
  • Added ability to search for specific locations in maps during selection for Intersection, Map Area, or Road Segments

October 2018

  • Added sections for commercial motor vehicles and the Upper Peninsula to the Simple Queries tool
  • Added additional queries under the Restraint Use section of the Simple Queries tool

August 2018

  • Added Geographic Location Sorting Output
  • 2017 licensed driver and VMT rates available on County Maps output

May 2018

  • Crash data from 2017 now available
  • Road Segment selection updated to Michigan Framework 17a

February 2018

  • Added County Maps output with support for licensed driver and VMT rates

January 2018

  • Added a section for non-motorists (pedestrians and bicyclists) to the Simple Queries tool

October 2017

  • Updated 2016 data to reconcile alcohol-involved and drug-involved crash counts
    (alcohol-involved crashes increased from 9,636 to 9,769; drug-involved crashes increased from 2,574 to 2,667) - More info
    Please 'Reset Query' in Query Tool to update crash counts
  • Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) data is now displayed in the Map Output for segments where this data is available

August 2017

  • Added support for Mile Marker selection
  • Added Simple Queries for motorcycles

May 2017

  • Crash data from 2016 now available
  • Road Segment selection updated to Michigan Framework 16a

March 2017

  • Added support for Road Segment selection using Michigan Framework 15a
  • Added support for Map Area selection

January 2017

  • Added support for Michigan State Police Posts changed in 2016

September 2016

  • Added 1-way tabling
  • Corrected numbers outputted in Excel export
  • Tables remember their settings

August 2016

  • Improvements for mobile view in the Data Query Tool
  • Table improvements for adding and removing variables
  • List improvements for navigating output

July 2016

  • Added support for MDOT Regions changed in 2015
  • Publications links show for TSN

June 2016

  • Crash data from 2015 now available
  • Additional information added for filters that changed with 2015 data

May 2016

  • Added new feature: Crashes Near Me which uses user's GPS location if available

April 2016

  • Added support for Metropolitan Planning Organization Geographic Region

March 2016

  • Launch of new modern and mobile friendly MTCF Website with sections for Publications and the Data Query Tool