Geographic Location Sorting in MTCF

MTCF provides the ability to sort specific geographic locations based on crash count. The sorting output will have a different order based on the following selection options:

  • When showing the top number of locations, the sorting will limit the number of locations shown, even if there are other locations with the same crash count. In other words, if the top 6 cities all have 10 crashes for a specific query, only 5 of those cities will be displayed if Top 5 has been selected.

  • Selecting a Display Variable will sort the locations based on the highest occurrence of that selected filter (e.g. when a Fatal Crash is true).

  • Sorting by percentage is only available when a Display Variable is selected. The top locations will be sorted by the highest percentage of crashes with that condition out of the total crashes within the chosen location type.

  • When sorting by percentage, selecting a Minimum (Location Total) will restrict locations to those that meet a threshold in order to be sorted. For example restricting sorting to cities that have at least 5 crashes.

  • Intersection Sorting:

    • Intersections are defined as points where 3 or more Road Segments (from Michigan Framework/LRS) share an EndPoint (or StartPoint). Hence most roundabouts will be shown as multiple intersections. Additionally intersections visible on a map (such as Google Maps) may not necessarily be represented in Framework/LRS.

    • All crashes counted for intersection sorting occur within a specified proximity to a defined intersection from Framework/LRS and have the Crash:Intersection flag set to true.

    • When excluding roundabout crashes for intersection sorting, the "Area of Road at Crash" specifically excludes crashes identified as "Non-Freeway Intersection Crash (Related to or within 150' of an intersection) - Roundabout".

    • Results of intersection-related queries may not be identical from year to year as the road network will be updated with subsequent releases of Framework/LRS.

  • When visualizing Road Segment or Intersection sorting with a heat map, the heat map is showing the crash density for the crashes only in the top selected locations.